Back to School

Summer is coming to an end which means it’s time to get ready for school. Avoid the anxiety and let this be an exciting time for you and your children. Keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition back to school.

Help your children prepare for the transition by taking time to tour their school, meet their teachers and reconnect with friends.
Give them the freedom to pick out all the necessary tools and supplies they’ll need. This can help calm fears and build enthusiasm.

Let your kids know you believe in them. No matter their age or grade, they have the potential to discover and explore in new and rewarding ways.

Check out these books for helpful advice on learning, studying, getting organized and establishing a routine that will make your transition back to school smooth and your school year a success.
Best Lunch Box Ever
Jump-Starting Boys
Learning How to Learn
The Organized Child
Raising an Organized Child
Smart but Scattered
Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Kids

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Why Adults are Reading YA

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