ditch the diapers

Potty Training Like a Pro

It’s time to talk about that horrible “P” word — potty. When it is time for potty training, you can’t help being a little apprehensive. Even if you have previous potty training experience, you cannot predict how potty training will go this time. So, what happens when your first try at potty training doesn’t work? You try again and sometimes again. And when you are at the end of your potty training rope, you might ask your friends on social media what they did to get their child potty trained. You will inevitably get 30 different responses ranging from “they’ll use it when they’re ready” to “when they use it give them …” You’ll see advice from all generations and from people with and without experience and by the end of it, you will no longer have the energy or inclination to even attempt potty training (at least, not for a few days). Luckily, there’s an easier solution. Just check out the great resources found at the library. We have books and DVDs about potty training for kids. And for those parents on the run, we have audiobooks and ebooks. The great thing about using these resources instead of random suggestions on social media is that these methods are proven to work and are suggested by experts in the field — yep, there are experts in potty training.

Signs that Your Child's Ready to Ditch Diapers

Whether the start of potty training comes earlier or later for your child, you’ll get your cues on “when it’s time” from your child. That emerging independence starts shining through and they’re eager to please. Now is the time to start actively watching for these signs of potty training readiness.

If your child shows two or more of these signs, it’s a good indication that they’re ready to start potty training: