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Digital Downloads

Stream Audiobooks, Movies, Music & More to Your Favorite Device

Lexington County Library is pleased to offer downloadable digital content for our patrons. In order to download materials, you’ll need a valid library card and email address. For additional help with digital downloads or for personal assistance, visit your local library branch, email us or chat with one of our library staff with the Ask a Librarian service.


End of story
The summer book club
A love discovered
End of story
The phoenix crown
Chasing the horizon
Come and get it
All rhodes lead here
The mountain king
Radiant heat
The bullet swallower
Mrs. Quinn
The breakup tour
The friendship club
The split


The wager
After Annie
The women
Summers at the saint
Camino ghosts
The partner plot
Sun of blood and ruin
The Kamogawa food detectives
Everyone on this train is a suspect
This is the honey
Redwood court
Untangle your emotions
My name was eden


Looking for something new to read? Take a look at these literary gems handpicked by our library staff.

Digital Downloads

Explore ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, comics, graphic novels, movies, music and more all available for download to your favorite device.

Books & Audio

Discover the titles, authors or genres you're looking for in the format you want (ebooks, audiobooks)

Movies & Music

Stream popular titles, authors and series to your favorite device (movies, music, audiobooks & more)


Browse the world's largest digital newsstand for full color, interactive digital magazines (periodicals)

Libby App

Borrow and read ebooks,  audiobooks and magazines using your computer, phone or tablet. It’s easy to get started ― all you need is a library card. There’s no limit to the number of magazine titles or issues that can be downloaded.

Hoopla Digital

Borrow movies, music, magazines, audiobooks, ebooks and graphic novels and enjoy them on your computer, tablet or phone – even your TV. With no waiting, titles can be streamed immediately, or downloaded to phones or tablets for offline enjoyment later. Hoopla has hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, with more being added daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download & Stream

What's the easiest way to access downloads?

The easiest way to access and use downloadable materials is by using the appropriate application for your device for each service using the links listed on this page.

Can I use Libby on my personal computer?

Yep, you can use Libby without downloading the application by visiting libbyapp.com.

How many digital items can I download?

Libby: 10 ebooks and audiobooks at a time; unlimited magazine titles and issues

Hoopla: 4 items per month

Do I need to return digital items?

Digital titles are automatically returned using Libby and Hoopla. You can return titles early with both applications. Returning titles early using Libby keeps you from reaching the maximum checkout limit and allows other patrons to access the material. For instructions about returning items in Libby, click here.

Are there any late fees?

Nope, there are no late fees for digital content.

How can I renew a title using Libby?

You can renew titles in Libby if they do not have a hold on them. For instructions about renewing titles, click here.

My library card expired, what should I do?

Lexington County Public Library cards automatically expire one year after issue. If you received an error message that your card expired, visit your local branch with valid identification or mail with your current address to renew your membership.

What if I need more help with downloads?

For help with application and service specific questions, visit the vendor’s help pages:

Libby Help »

Hoopla Help »

For personal assistance you can visit your local branch, email us or chat with one of our library staff with the Ask a Librarian service.