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Lexington County Library holds a long-standing commitment to serving teens and young adults by offering exceptional collections, programs and services. Our primary goal is to foster a deep appreciation for reading and exploration. Additionally, we recognize the importance of supporting families, caregivers and educators. When you visit any of our 10 branches, you’ll discover dedicated spaces specifically designed for teens to engage in reading and discovery.

Our specially crafted areas cater to literacy and learning, ensuring that our programs deliver enriching experiences that encourage a love for books and community. For teens, we offer a range of:


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Topic    Reading Road Trip

Go Hunt Me
Crown of Bones
¡Ay, Mija! (a Graphic Novel): My Bilingual Summer in Mexico
One True Loves
The Charmed List
Places We
Lying in the Deep
Thin Air

Book Spotlight    Poetry Month

Saints of the Household
One Last Shot
We Are All So Good at Smiling
The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin
Three Things I Know Are True
Punching the Air
All The Broken Pieces
Saving Red
The Truth Project
Nothing Burns as Bright as You
When the Stars Wrote Back
Walking Gentry Home
Magic Has No Borders
Light Filter In Poems

Junior    South Carolina Book Awards (2024)

Attack of the Black Rectangles
Black Bird, Blue Road
The Bluest Sky
Camp Famous
Dream, Annie, Dream
A Duet for Home
Ellen Outside the Lines
The Last Mapmaker
Meet Me Halfway
Playing Through the Turnaround
Rain Rising
A Song Called Home
Sweet and Sour
The Whispering Fog
Those Kids from Fawn Creek
We Were the Fire
What Happened to Rachel Riley
Where the Sky Lives

Young Adult    South Carolina Book Awards (2024)

Abuela, Don’t Forget Me
Ain’t Burned All the Bright
All My Rage
Daughters of a Dead Empire
Dead Flip
The Do-Over
The Drowned Woods
The Getaway
I Must Betray You
The Ivory Key
Lawless Spaces
The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School
The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen
Overground Railroad
Rust in the Root
Spells for Lost Things
Star Child
Victory, Stand!
Feed Your Curiosity

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Are you eager to lend a hand? Volunteers are needed to help organize materials and to support large programs and events. You can participate by joining the Friends or completing the volunteer application.

Teens can help at the library by shelving books, preparing crafts for children’s programs and storytimes, assisting with the summer reading program and more. Ask at your local branch for an application and additional details.

Black History Month

Every February, we celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans as part of Black History Month. Literature in particular has been a space for black authors to tell their stories and bookworms seeking good reads can choose from an array of …

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Board Games Aren’t Just for Fun

Board games aren’t just for fun — they’re learning tools. Cooperation, strategy, math, science, literacy, critical-thinking … there’s a game for that. From classic to brand new, here are some board games to play with your family.

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Fall Into Winter Reading

The days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer — but reading always brightens up our day — so we’re challenging you to Fall Into Winter Reading. We realize you’re busy, so we made it simple.

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Kindness Project

We invite you to join in spreading kindness throughout the month of November. The library offers a series of activities encouraging local residents to be kind to others, be kind to ourselves, be kind to animals and be kind to the earth.

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It’s NaNoWriMo Time

Fall is finally here. That means football, pumpkin spice, temperatures below 90 degrees and — for the month of November — NaNoWriMo. NaNoWri—WHAT? National Novel Writing

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Witches (and wizards) wield magic with a wave of a wand, a wiggle of a nose and the snap of a finger. Whether they are from Oz, Camelot, the Discworld — or the most magical land of all, Scotland — witches and wizards have made us spell-bound.

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