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With great collections, programs and services designed for middle and high school students — as well as their caregivers and educators — the library strives to strengthen a love of reading and discovery among teens. Visit any of our 10 branches to find dedicated programs and services to support the growth and development of teens. For tweens and teens, Lexington County Public Library provides:


Hard Wired
Nowhere on Earth
The Good Luck Girls
American Royals
Arcade and the fiery metal tester
A Heart So Fierce and Broken
Mindfulness and meditation : handling life with a calm and focused mind
Be Not Far from Me
Most Likely
Live : /liv/ verb remain alive, be alive at a specified time, have an exciting or fulfilling life
Connect the Dots
Super Puzzletastic Mysteries


Dive into the depths of Summer Reading fun. Experience Tails & Tales while discovering awe-inspiring stories about animals and nature. Challenge yourself to try new things and make a positive change in your community and for our planet.

Summer Reading helps build literacy and language skills, prevents the dreaded summer slide for school-aged children, encourages teens and adults to experience the joy of reading and so much more. As you make plans this summer, don’t forget to attend a virtual program or stop by the library to check out books.

sea turtle

Tweens & Teens


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Junior | South Carolina Book Awards

Searching for Lottie
Summer of a thousand pies
Other words for home
Wildfire : a novel
Running wild
Free lunch
Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky
The Mystwick School of Musicraft
From the desk of Zoe Washington
96 miles
Black brother black brother
The blackbird girls
The light in hidden places : a novel based on the true story of Stefania PodgoÌ
Stamped : racism antiracism and you
Things you can
The only black girls in town
Efren divided : a novel
When stars are scattered
Revenge of the Red Club

Young Adult | South Carolina Book Awards

Parkland : birth of a movement
When I was Summer
Five midnights
Accused! : the trials of the Scottsboro boys : lies prejudice and the fourteenth amendment
The library of lost things
I know you remember
All-American Muslim girl
Jane Anonymous
Break the fall
The grace year
Stamped : racism antiracism and you
Kent State
Dancing at the pity party : a dead mom graphic memoir
The shadows between us
All eyes on us
Girls Like Us
The Gravity of Us

Fun at Home | Crafts, DIY & More

The teen kitchen
Teen chef cooks
Brush lettering made simple
Teen craft projects 2
Living simply
Maker Lab
Japanese paper flowers
Creative adventures in cursive
Garfield’s guide to creating your own comic strip
Teen chef cooks
Unbored Games: Serious Fun for Everyone
Unbored: the Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun
The young adventurers guide to (almost) everything
A girls guide to the wild


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Community Conversations

Lexington County Public Library We’d like to know what you think. Libraries are changing and

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Melissa Hudson June 3, 2021

Top 5 Checked Out Picture Books

Have you ever wondered what the most popular books are at your library? Well, look no further, we’ve got your answer. You can even make it a game, grab a pen and piece of paper and jot down your guesses to see how many you get right.

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Kacee Merritt April 21, 2021
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Books in Verse

Roses are red, violets are blue, we recommend reading novels in verse, as something you should do. Novels in verse are not a new invention; if you haven’t experienced this thriving genre — now is the time, after all, April is National Poetry Month.

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Jennifer Smith April 20, 2021
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Get Creative & Crafty

March is National Craft Month. There’s no question that healthy people’s lives include creative outlets — a way to express themselves constructively so there’s less anxiety and stress from within.

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Melissa Hudson March 19, 2021
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The Power of a Good Snooze

It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against daylight saving time, we can all agree that changing the clocks is much easier than convincing our bodies that it’s 6 AM even though it’s screaming back, “Nope, it’s 5 AM according to my time.”

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Jennifer Smith March 15, 2021
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Black History is American History

I remember being in school as a kid and wondering why we were only taught about historical Black figures during February. I then remember being confused because we only talked about well-known names like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

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Amajah Langford February 25, 2021
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