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Book a Librarian

Do you need help downloading ebooks, using a computer program, or research assistance? Our library staff are here to help you with individualized assistance. Just fill out the form below and one of our staff members will be in touch to confirm an appointment.

Please include as much information that you can in the form below about your request for assistance and allow up to 3 business days for us to reply.

If you have any questions about requesting an appointment or would simply like to schedule an appointment over the telephone, please contact your local branch.

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man reading book : ya fiction for adults

Why Adults are Reading YA

Adults are reading Young Adult (YA) literature. Yeah, adult adults — grown people with jobs, who pay their own bills, chat about interest rates on mortgages, or maybe even have young adult children themselves. Not only are they reading it, they also make up most of YA literature’s readership.

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people we meet on vacation : book review

People We Meet on Vacation

2021 was a great year for romance novels. Being a romantic at heart, I devour romance books with relish and it’s so refreshing to see an increasing number of diverse authors writing books with diverse characters falling in love. It’s also interesting to see this genre evolve into several sub-genres including contemporary romances with multidimensional characters who warm your heart with their goals, quirks, worries, likes and dislikes.

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Potty Training Like a Pro

It’s time to talk about that horrible “P” word — potty. When it is time for potty training, you can’t help being a little apprehensive. Even if you have previous potty training experience, you cannot predict how potty training will go this time.

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the things we keep : a pile of old pictures and a journal to document memories of past times

Community Conversations: The Things We Keep

Do you remember Show & Tell days from elementary school? I remember going home from school the night before, looking around my room, and thinking about what I could take that would seem super cool.

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winter beauty survival guide: blonde woman standing in woods with snow

Winter Beauty Survival Guide

Whether you thrive during the winter months, or loathe the onset of colder temperatures, there’s no denying that winter can be unforgivingly tough on your beauty routine. And since studies show that women feel most attractive during summertime, I thought why not share some winter survival tips I’ve found helpful.

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Reading Recommendations in Your Inbox

We have added new categories to our NextReads Newsletters. Whether you enjoy fiction or nonfiction, we have a list for you. If you like a little faith with your historical fiction, romance or suspense sign up for our Christian Fiction newsletter. The Fantasy & Science Fiction newsletter brings you the best of fantasy, science fiction and everything in between.

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