International Left-Handers Day

Lefties Get Their Day

Oh, hear the cheerful cries of the left-handed population. August 13 is officially recognized as International Left-Handers Day, and I find it most important to honor these everyday troopers for making it in a right-handed world. Why, you ask? Well, yours truly is a proud member of the lefty club and would love to shine a light on this very unique group. Classic plights of left-handers like myself can be quite funny and sometimes disappointing — but will resonate with at least 10% of the world, as that is the rough percentage of left-handed people across the globe.

Some may call our everyday encounters minor inconveniences — however, lefties know that being blessed with this dominant handedness is a learning curve that is not for the faint of heart. I dare say, that in “Right-Hand Land,” only the strong survive. (See the drama in that last statement? Lefties are a bit on the creative side, but we’ll get to that soon). Some examples of #lefthandstruggles include — but are not limited to — the following:

Thankfully in modern times we view being left-handed as the unique, genetic rarity that it is. Thanks to the founder of Left-Handers International, Dean R. Campbell, the world is now aware of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed. International Left-Handers Day made its grand entrance into the world in 1976 and has continued to garner support year after year. To celebrate this small but strong group of hand dominance rebels, here are some interesting facts about left-handedness.

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