We sing about an entire family of sharks to an incredibly catchy beat. We hum the Jaws theme in the pool. We know that some sharks declare that “fish are friends, not food.” We get excited every year for Shark Week. We’re still not sure why there are so many Sharknado movies.

But when you stop and think about it, how much do you really know about sharks? Here’s some facts to sink your teeth into …

Want to know more about sharks or read some fun stories about sharks? Then, look no further because we have sharks galore.

I’m A Shark!
Shark Lady
Save Your Friends
Land Shark
So Cool Sharks
I Love Sharks, Too!
What if you could sniff like a shark?
If Sharks Disappeared
Shawn Loves Sharks
Shark Versus Train
Never Touch a Shark!
Shark Detective
The Shark’s Tooth
Nugget and Fang go to school
Flip and Fin
Clark the Shark
Benny Shark Goes to Friend School
Misunderstood Shark
Misunderstood Shark: Friends Don’t Eat Friends
Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug
Shark and Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventure
Surprising Sharks
Gilbert the Hero
Big Shark, Little Shark
Could a Shark Do Gymnastics?
All About Sharks
Please be Nice to Sharks
Do Sharks Glow in the Dark? And other shark-tastic questions
Blue Shark
Great White Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Mako Shark
Tiger Shark
Whale Shark
National Geographic Kids: Sharks
Go Field Guide : Sharks
Everything Sharks
DK Pocket Genius: Sharks
Shark: The Shredder
Mission Shark Rescue
Eyewitness Shark
Basking Sharks
Black Tip Reef Sharks
Bull Sharks
Zebra Sharks
Sharks and Other Predators
Hammerhead vs Bull Shark
Killer Whale vs Great White
National Geographic: Sharks!

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