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What’s all the Hoopla About?

Books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies and television shows are all items accessible through the library — but what about music? That’s where Hoopla comes in. Hoopla allows you to check out music from a wide variety of artists and in a multitude of languages, as well as ebooks, audiobooks, movies and TV shows. Do the kids (or you) need to work out some energy? Search “dance party,” clear some space in the living room, and let the fun begin. How about a karaoke night for the family? Hoopla has you covered — there are over 7,000 search results for “karaoke”. There’s something for everyone. Pro Tip #1: Try out the “Children’s Titles Only” box on the left side of the screen, or check the “Kids” box to the right of the search bar. Now that you’ve had a dance party and sung karaoke together, the kids are probably getting tired. This would be a great time to look at some of the amazing lullaby albums, including soothing instrumental versions of some of your favorite artists or more traditional songs. Check out Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga or Maroon 5 just to name a few. Yes, really. Pro Tip #2: If you find something you really like, don’t forget to scroll down and check out similar titles or artists. Confession … when Lexington County Library first got Hoopla, I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack for a month straight because it is awesome and because I could. That’s the great thing about Hoopla — there are no limits on how many people can check out an item at the same time, so that means no holds or wait times. Another bonus, you can check out up to 10 titles per library card each month. If you’ve maxed out your downloads, don’t forget everyone in your family that has a library card gets 10 titles, too. Pro Tip #3: You can save your favorite albums or artists to your “My Favorites” list by clicking the heart beside the borrow button. All you need is your current Lexington County Library card and an email address to gain access to the wonders of Hoopla.
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