The Power of a Good Snooze

cute dog napping — national napping day

It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against daylight saving time, we can all agree that changing the clocks is much easier than convincing our bodies that it’s 6 AM even though it’s screaming back, “Nope, it’s 5 AM according to my time.” According to WebMD, it’s harder to adjust to losing an hour of sleep in the spring than the hour gained in the fall — but it usually takes only one day for a person to adapt to the change.

In 1999, William Anthony, a Boston University Professor, and his wife, Camille created National Napping Day to spread awareness of the importance of sleep and health benefits to catching up on quality sleep.

The average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. Yet according to the American Academy of Pediatrics sleep problems affect 25 to 50% of children and 40% of adolescents. If you are a parent who is struggling to get your child to sleep, try some of these suggestions by the Sleep Foundation.

So how much sleep should your child be getting? It varies based on age, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

tips for the ultimate nap

If you’re having trouble catching some zzz’s yourself, try one of these:

Nap Time Books

Wink : the ninja who wanted to nap
The Perfect Siesta
One Drowsy Dragon
Kat Needs a Nap
But first, we nap
No More Naps
A Nap in a Lap
While You Were Napping
I will take a nap!
Cat Nap
No Nap
The Three Little Pugs
The Napping House
No nap! yes nap!
Chicken wants a nap
Orangutanka : a story in poems

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