Are You Bored Yet?

are you bored yet

Are you already saying or hearing, “I’m bored,” and looking for things to do?

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e creative. Visit your local branch to find books to help you discover a new interest. Discover techniques for creative lettering, paper crafts, jewelry making, sewing and more.
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ffer to help. Help with projects around the house like laundry and meal prep, or see if there is a local charity needing volunteers.

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ead a book. The library has shelves full of books for all interests. Don’t forget we have audiobooks and ebooks, too.
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xercise. Go on a hike, take a bike ride, play your favorite music and dance. With just a little exercise, your mood is sure to improve.

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ive right in. Attend a program at the library. All summer long, each branch offers programs for children, teens and adults.

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