soup season

Though the weather is still in the 90s and the South Carolina sun is shining hard — fall and October signal the start of soup season. Now that the days are getting shorter, there’s nothing like a simmering pot of soup on the stove to get that cozy feeling at home.

Autumn soups are a great way to use seasonal produce from local farmer’s markets, such as winter squash, collards and sweet potatoes. Try hearty favorites like borscht or pumpkin bisque or you can experiment with new recipes if you’ve never made Vietnamese pho or tried your hand at homemade dumplings. The versatility of soup recipes means you can easily satisfy a vegetarian family or whip up a ketogenic meal. Soup also lends itself well to the slow-cooker, so you can set a meal before work and have it ready at dinner-time.

Fall is the perfect season for connecting with friends and neighbors. Making a delicious pot of soup for a potluck or family dinner is a great way to share with your community. Check out one of these books from your library for recipe inspiration or ask a librarian for recommendations. Happy cooking.

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