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Includes encyclopedia articles, magazines, recommended websites, videos, biographies, news, dictionary and thesaurus entries.

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Spanish-language encyclopedia with articles, images, dictionaries, timelines and more.

Enciclopedia en español con artículos, imágenes, diccionarios, cronologías y más.

Explore countries, states and provinces with photos, videos, biographies, recipes and other cultural staples.

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Provides critical summaries of the most-studied plays of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Includes discussions of themes, characters, critical reception, dramatic devices and traditions as well as cultural and historical context.

South Carolina-specific practice driving tests and online car, motorcycle and commercial driver’s license manuals.

Access information for high school students on many topics from magazines, newspapers, books, biographies, country reports, primary sources, videos and more.

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Book recommendations of fiction and nonfiction to guide readers of all ages in finding their next title to read.

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Provides critical overviews of novels from many cultures and time periods. Includes discussions of plot, characters, themes and structure as well as the work’s cultural and historical importance.

Features overview, discussions and analysis of poems from all time periods, nations and cultures.

Provides summaries of the story’s plot, characters and themes, author biographies, and criticisms as well as cultural and historical importance.

Includes ebooks, read-along chapter books, graphic novels, videos, and audiobooks for a teen audience.

Real-Time Tutoring: 24 hours a day, seven days a week for English and Spanish speakers. Connect with a tutor on a variety of subjects, test prep assistance, or parent coaching. An account is not necessary to use this service.