Handmade: Jellyfish Painting

Learn how to paint one of the ocean’s most unusual creatures. Bring your own brushes or use ours. Space and supplies are limited. Call or click below to register.

Handmade: Jewelry

Learn how to make your own jewelry. Internationally published and award-winning Canadian jewelry artist and teacher Sue Charette-Hood will be teaching us how to create beautiful, beaded and wearable artwork. Call or click below to register. Materials will be provided to the first 10 registrants. Additional attendees are welcome to observe the presentation.

Handmade: Retro Craft Night

Enjoy a night of crafting using some nostalgic materials from back in the day. All materials provided. Registration required.

Tween Extreme: Reindeer Games

Race against the clock to complete each challenge in a day of festive holiday games that just might involve wrapping paper and more. Registration required. Activities geared toward students in grades 4–7.

Picking up STEAM: Building Bridges

Put your creativity, imagination and engineering know-how to use to build your own bridge and then see how much weight it will hold. Learn how the bridges you see every day are built to last. Registration required. Actvities are geared toward students in grades 6–12.

Outside the Lines: Marvelous Marbling

Albert Einstein once said, “You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece.” Explore unique designs on various materials using the marble technique. Have fun designing patterns and colors while learning where this technique originated. (grades 6–12).